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Schlumberger Eclipse 2009.1 + crack

Size: 592 MB

ECLIPSE 2009.1 release represents one of the largest development efforts to date on industry-reference ECLIPSE simulators.

Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in ECLIPSE Blackoil now includes:
  • a low-salinity model based on SPE 102239.
  • effective salinities.
  • new adsorption models.
  • a simplified alkaline mode.
  • EOR keywords compatible with user-defined arguments (UDA) that help you model sophisticated rule-driven scenarios.
  • multicomponent brine for EOR, which considers the transport of multiple salts and ion exchange reactions with rock surfaces and surfactant, and can then be used to define effective salinity for polymers and surfactant properties.

Performance and capability (compositional simulator in thermal mode) Capabilities added on the thermal code include:
  • an extension to the Vinsome heatloss model.
  • phase conductivities for every phase.
  • thermal CO2.
  • dual porosity support.
  • the ability to connect over/underburden heat losses to local grid refinements.
  • capability to run a thermal flux boundary model from black-oil (e300), compositional, and thermal base model.
  • further tuning of the thermal linear solver (JALS) to place ECLIPSE thermal performance ahead of its main competitor (observed in recent benchmarks).


A new simulation launcher tool is provided with this release. The 

new tool is user-configurable and provides status information on 

submitted jobs. For more information, consult the User Guide 

available from the Help menu on the tool.

The Schlumberger licensing tool, recommended for configuring 

Windows-based license servers, is updated with improved 

functionality and helps users with licensing problems.

    How Install Eclipse 2009.1
    1.Setup the program. 

    2.Enter in "Crack" folder then enter in the "bin_patch" folder.

    - copy all in the "exe files" folder to c:\ecl\2009.1\bin\pc 

    - copy the "license.dat" file in the "bin_patch" folder to c:\ecl\macros\

    - copy the "$eclrc.bat" file in the "bin_patch" folder to 

    3.Run program from "ECLIPSE Launcher" shortcut from desktop.

    Eclipse 2009.1+ Crack 


    Password:Ibrahim Omar Geophysicist

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