Saturday, 15 September 2012

Schlumberger AquiferTest Pro 2011.1 v4.4

The company Schlumberger Water Services, which develops 

software systems for management and operation of water resources 

released to light a new version of AquiferTest Pro v2011.1

AquiferTest - advanced solution for designers and engineers who 

need to run the graphical construction and the results of drilled.

 With it you can calculate the characteristics and properties of 

water, and examine the horizons of the layers.

Features of the program:

  • Standard pumping test solutions.
  • Pumping test recovery analyses.
  • Standard slug test solutions.
  • Fully or partially penetrating wells.
  • Single or multiple pumping wells.
  • Constant or variable pumping rates.
  • Aquifer bounded by barrier or recharge boundary.
  • Isotropic or anisotropic aquifer.
  • Well effects (well bore storage).
  • Fracture flow solution (Moench, Warren-Root).
  • Well performance solutions (Specific Capacity, Hantush-Biershenk).
  • Plotting wells on a site map.
  • And much more!

How Install Schlumberger AquiferTest Pro 2011.1 v4.4
1- Setup program.

2. Copy "rlm.dll" to C:\Program Files\AquiferTest  "for (32bit) 


               or to C:\Program Files (x86)\AquiferTest "for (64bit) system".

3. Open program and press on "Active Now" then select location of 


Size: 30 MB


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  1. Error
    when click on file -new there is a lot of windows continuing to open and doesn't stop.please tell me how can i solve this error?