Thursday, 13 September 2012

Interactive Petrophysics v3.6 + Update

Interactivity has been improved:
  • plot zooming can now be done with two clicks of the mouse.
  • new interaction between the crossplot and log plot.
  • curve defaults have been expanded to add more plotting options.
Some new interpretation techniques have been added: 
  • Thomeer equation added to the capillary pressure functions.
  • sigma analysis module has been enhanced so mineralogy can be imported from the Mineral Solver.
  • fuzzy logic and multi-linear regression module interfaces have been improved.
  • clay volume module has a new Vcl average method and a new Vcl mixing output curve.
  • enhancements to the basic log functions module including a Horner temperature buildup plot.
Improved utility functions: 
  • plot out now includes a new format that can create very large bitmap images.
  • a more advanced License Server Manager module is available for use by system administrators.

Size: 548 MB




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Password:Ibrahim Omar Geophysicist

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