Saturday, 15 September 2012

Schlumberger AquaChem v2011.1.40

  • AquaChem is a groundwater software package specifically tailored for anyone working with water data. This software is ideally suited for water projects requiring management, analysis, and reporting of groundwater water quality data.
  • Featuring a fully customizable database of physical and chemical parameters and a comprehensive selection of analysis, calculation, modeling, and graphing tools, AquaChem is a truly unique groundwater software package.
  • AquaChem’s analysis tools cover a wide range of functions and calculations used for analyzing, interpreting and comparing water quality data. These tools include simple unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations.
  • These powerful analytical capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive selection of commonly used plotting techniques to represent the chemical characteristics of aqueous geochemical and water quality data.
  • The Mann-Kendall test is a trend estimator that can be used to prove if contaminant concentrations are significantly diminishing or rising over time. The version of the Mann-Kendall Test used in AquaChem can be applied for virtually any groundwater parameter, and is a critical tool for long-term monitoring optimization and reporting.
How Install Schlumberger AquaChem v2011.1.40

1- Setup program.

2. Copy "rlm.dll" to C:\Program Files\AquaChem   "for (32bit) 

              OR to C:\Program Files (x86)\AquaChem "for (64bit) system".

3. Open program and press on "Active Now" then select location of 


Size: 49 MB


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