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Atlas of Igneous Rocks and Their Textures First Edition 1982 & Second Impression 1984 [W. S. MacKenzie, C. H. Donaldson, and C. Guilford]

About this book

Atlas of igneous rocks and their textures A companion volume to the Atlas of Rock-forming Minerals in Thin Section, this full-colour handbook is designed to be used as a laboratory manual both by elementary students of earth sciences undertaking a study of igneous rocks in thin section under the microscope, and by more advanced students and teachers as a reference work. The book is divided into two parts — Part One is devoted to photographs of many of the common textures found in igneous rocks with brief descriptions accompanying each photograph. Part Two illustrates the appearance of examples of some sixty of the commonest (and a few not so common) igneous rock types; each photograph is accompanied by a brief description of the field of view shown. Nearly 300 full-colour photographs are included, and in many cases the same view is shown both in plane-polarized light and under crossed polars. A brief account of how thin sections can be prepared is included as an appendix. It is believed that the amateur geologist using these instructions will be able to make his own thin sections and, with the aid of a relatively simple microscope, enjoy the study of rocks in thin section.

Product Details

Paperback: 148 Pages
Publisher: Wiley, First Edition 1982 
Second Impression 1984 
Language: English

Size: 57 MB 

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