Tuesday, 2 October 2012

SMT Kingdom Software version 8.3 + Fix (ISO)


What’s New in KINGDOM Version 8.3
  • The KINGDOM version 8.3 includes new products (1D Forward Modeling; Security), many significant enhancements across the product suite, and scalability improvements throughout KINGDOM.

KINGDOM including the following modules:
  • 2d/3dPAK (seismic interpretation).
  • EarthPAK (geological interpretation).
  • VuPAK (3D interpretation and visualization).
  • AVOPAK (AVO Interpretation and Analysis).
  • Rock Solid Attributes (advanced 3D post-stack seismic attribute generation).
  • SynPAK (synthetic seismogram generation).
  • 1D Forward Modeling.
  • TracePAK (post-stack seismic data analysis and processing)  LogPAK (automated petrophysical analysis).
  • VelPAK (seismic time to depth velocity modeling)  ModPAK (geophysical/geological subsurface model.

New Feature Highlights:
  •  1D Forward Modeling.
  • New Pre-stack Data Conditioning Capabilities.
  • Neural Network-based Missing and Synthetic Well Log Generation.
  • Scalability Improvements.

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