Friday, 3 August 2012

Ventsim: Optimise ventilation to reduce cost

Ventsim: Optimise ventilation to reduce cost.

There is increasing awareness in the mining industry regarding the significant costs associated with inadequate ventilation modelling. Ventilation can account for 1/3 or more of the total power consumption at a site and the prospect of emissions related costs mean that mining companies need to focus more on the user of power. In addition, as mines become deeper and hotter, smarter and more extensive thermodynamic modelling of ventilation circuits is required.

Ventsim products are underground mine ventilation simulation packages designed to simulate airflows, pressure and heats (and many other types of ventilation data) from a modelled network of airways. Ventsim was the first ventilation package to integrate an easy to use Windows graphical design with a 3D graphics interface. The software is currently used by over 400 mines, universities, consultants and research organisations throughout the world.

Fast and Accurate - allowing you to build models to rapidly interrogate airflow, velocity, humidity, dust, noxious fumes, diesel particulate, rock heat and refrigeration data.

Value for Investment - emergency response systems can also be tested and analysed with well constructed Ventsim models.

Multiple Ventilation Scenarios - can be run quickly and easily providing significant time savings.


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